The Broken Toilet

The spring before Kindergarten starts, there is a visiting day when the incoming Kindergarteners visit their potential classrooms to get a sense of them. Each child must be accompanied by a parent and no siblings. Two mom friends and I each had a future-Kindergartener and a younger child. We asked my husband, Berke, to stay home and watch the three little ones so that we could take the three older ones to the school for visiting day.

My husband is great – totally shares in housework. He’s our primary cook, a great cleaner, laundry do-er, etc. He took off work for the morning and took on the childcare. My friends dropped off their little girls – ages 2 and 3, and off we went with our three 5 year olds.

Unbeknownst to me, right after we left, our toilet broke. We were lucky enough to live down the street from a plumber and somehow the stars aligned perfectly so that we had a new toilet by the time we got back. In the three hours we had been gone, they had diagnosed the problem, removed our toilet, replaced it with a new one and left. Awesome, right? In fact it was so seamless that it wasn’t even a topic of conversation when we got home – instead the talk was about the Kindergarten visit and all the exciting things the kids saw and did at school.

Imagine my surprise when I got a call at dinner time from one of the moms I had been with earlier. Apparently, when her husband asked how his daughter’s day was, the little girl said “Great! Berke let me pee in a pot!”

He had to improvise while the toilet was out. He still won’t tell me which pot.


These Are Their Stories

I love stories. Name a topic and I can usually tell you a story about someone I know, or know of, that had an interesting occurrence related to that topic. People tell me I should write them down, so here I go. Some are things that happened to me, or friends, or family. Sometimes it’s just someone I heard about. Some are funny, some are creepy, some are sad, some are odd, hopefully most are at least interesting in some way.

“These are their stories” has dual meaning. They may not be my stories, they may belong to others, and I watch Law & Order every day. Every. Day. My husband calls it my lullaby because it usually takes the theme music to get me to fall asleep (except SVU, I can’t fall asleep to SVU – the content is too disturbing!). Vincent D’Onofrio often appears in my dreams.

Anyway, these are their stories…